The Experience

To simplify what happens in a session, imagine your mind and soul as two super computer centers often with different agendas, and each with its own operating systems, programs, file managers and folders.

Fear or trauma can corrupt the mind’s operating system. The severity and duration will determine its long-term impact.  The subconscious mind, in order to protect the person, isolates the stressful emotions into a locked file so the body can recover and attempt to function properly, but, in the process, corrupts the folders.

Distorted thinking often results when unresolved issues linger, creating personal and emotional chaos. More often than not, we are totally oblivious that this is taking place and that we are looking at life through a distorted prism.

Signs that you have become “infected” or a victim of this destructive cycle are: chronic illness, pain, and/or interpersonal issues and lack of inner peace.

Even though our soul always remains pure, its operating system can become tainted.  When we act in ways that are not in our best interest, over time our soul can become “sick.” This weakens our connection to the Source of Life (G-d), creating a host of issues like depression, mania, addictions and feelings of emptiness. This directly impacts the body’s ability to fight disease.

After doing a “virus scan” of the systems, a download of your soul print is established. It’s like a fingerprint, loaded with crucial information about you.  When decoded and clarified, it becomes obvious how past events and lives have impacted you. Next the corrupted operating system, programs and folders are deleted and uninstalled, and replaced with healthy ones.

By addressing the mind and soul in this way, the body can heal itself of most illnesses, sometimes spontaneously!

Part 1: Mental Martial Arts. With G-d’s help, Herschel guides you through a unique and powerful meditation for setting the mindset for the session.

Part 2: Soul-iloquy. Listen as your soul and heartbeat come together. This segment imparts valuable insights and information to you while you tap into your higher self, creating coherence.

Part 3: Spiritual DNA reprogramming. Accesses and manipulates the seven emotional components that constitute your spiritual DNA. This process aligns, permits and frees you to actualize your highest potential and goals.

Part 4: Removing Erroneous Beliefs and Destructive Thoughts. Herschel helps reveal and address the root causes of thought processes that prevent you from healing and succeeding in life.

Part 5: The Healing Journey. While having an out-of-body experience, Herschel takes you on an unforgettable journey that creates a new inner body reality with incredible results.
Part 6: Inner Code. By accessing your unique soul print, you will understand how unproductive and destructive patterns came into your life. Because this information is deeply embedded within your subconscious, it is typically inaccessible without this crucial step.

Part 7: Spiritual Tune-up. Herschel addresses the cause-and-effect spiritual side of Life, according to specific metaphysical principles.

Part 8: Patient’s Homework. To maintain the success accomplished in the session, other modalities such as supplements, spiritual tasks/ adjunctives, and affirmations may be suggested. The homework is very powerful and necessary. Herschel can only open the door for you and show you the way. You must walk through the opening and follow the path to see optimal and long-term success.

Depending on the complexity of the issues, future sessions may be necessary to delve deeper into layers so the mind, body and soul can work together in harmony.

Video conferences are available. The atmosphere is relaxed and supportive. A session lasts 1 to 2 hours.  The majority of clients receive the results they need within 3 sessions. More complex cases may take longer, since, like an onion, one layer must be removed at a time.

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