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Herschel the Healer

Herschel Lazaroff is a brilliant, one-of-a-kind healer helping everyone to reach their potential. His unique ability to identify and focus on and resolve  core blockages has enabled him to treat maladies from migraines to life-threatening illnesses. Herschel’s deep insight into how the energy of soul can be magnified and developed has brought his clients to spiritual well-being and financial success greater, and faster, than they ever dreamed possible.

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Energy Healing with Herschel The Healer

Soul & Science

Herschel’s original “Energy Resonant Transference” 8-step method that activates a person’s innate healing abilities. As a conduit for healing energy and DNA reprogramming, he brings out a potent healing force that can eliminate pain and re-balance the body and soul.


Client Stories

Read how Herschel has transformed his clients’ lives, removing pain using his unique Energy Healing methods, finding a soul-mate, business success, increased productivity, and generally becoming healthier and happier people. Herschel helps you become you!


Instructive Videos

Watch Herschel reveal tips and secrets for increased health and vitality, covering such subjects as EFT, breathing, and Jewish mysticism.

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By removing the blockages that rob people of the happiness they deserve, Herschel makes sad people happy, happy people happier, and awesome people – phenomenal!

After seeing what Herschel does, I would say that he is the spiritual version of performance medicine.

Dr. Ira Grenadir, Cambridge, Ma

You are the spiritual module in a multi-disciplinary approach that makes them all work in harmony.

Dr. Tzvi Perlstein, orthopedic surgeon

Energy Healing - Some Video Testimonials and Instruction

Removing Blockages
Relieving Migraines
Relieving Back Pain

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