The Concept

Blending techniques from a number of healing modalities, Herschel brings out a potent healing force that in a moment can help eliminate pain and stimulate a healing response.

Herschel serves as a conduit for healing energy and DNA reprogramming. He has seen astonishing results with his unique methods. Out-of-state clients are helped via Skype or teleconference.

Energy Resonant Transference (ERT) is an original eight-step process created by Herschel, described here. This technique permits the body to access universal information that activates a person’s innate healing abilities.

ERT has successfully addressed the following maladies, although not limited to only these: ADD/ADHD, OCD, bi-polar/manic-depressive disorder, cancer, auto-immune disorders, allergies, asthma, addictions (and behaviors), skin conditions, sinusitis, chronic and acute pain, headaches, genetic disorders, CFS, infertility, urinary tract disorders, viral infections, weight issues and smoking.

This process helps people to become “unstuck.”