Power to Heal – Baltimore Jewish Week

The following are excerpts from an article about Herschel in the Baltimore Jewish Week by Maayan Jaffe


Photo by David Stuck

“Lazaroff explained that there are four types of souls, and each heals in a different way: the conventional soul (this soul responds to Western medicine, drugs), the natural soul (needs treatment with wheat grass, coffee enemas, etc.), the integrated soul (the best of all worlds — a combination of natural and traditional healing methods) and the spiritual soul. Healing of the spiritual soul is the deepest level of healing, and it affects all the higher levels.

“Lazaroff explained that his healing works because he is removing energy blocks. When a person is being tested by God, challenged in some way, he or she can become stuck — and this can result in physical and emotional pain or the inability to move to a next phase in life.

“There is a block in the energy flow. … I facilitate the person removing the blocks,” he said, noting you need to understand who you are.”

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