Short Testimonials

Renewed Energy

The first thing that happened was that I had energy when I woke up in the morning! …The results are worth every penny.

R.W.,Passaic, New Jersey

It’s a Boy!

After many years of unsuccessful infertility treatments…,  We cannot express our shock when one month after our meeting, we  found out I was pregnant. Our beautiful, healthy, baby boy was born on October 6, and he is truly the joy of our life.

T.M. Suffern, New York

Hearing Improved

My gratitude for the restoration of my hearing ability (not perfect, but not as bad as before Herschel improved upon it)… Is profound .

Y.G. Jerusalem, Israel

Extended Perspective

Do you have to be religious or even Jewish to benefit from Hershel’s therapy? No, I don’t believe so. But I do believe that one would inevitably  walk away with an expanded perspective.

K.M. Clearwater, Florida

Dealing with Life’s Issues

Herschel is able to offer extremely perceptive, practical, and effective methods for the individual to understand his or her issues, and deal with them.

A.G. Long Island, New York

Found His Dream Job

You delivered exactly what you promised. I searched for a job that I wanted for many years, and within 28 days after working with you, you said I would find it, and I did!

Allan Marin, California

Better Than Therapy

You were able to accomplish in one short session, what I on my own, and many years of therapy, have not been able to achieve.

A.J. Tulsa, Oklahoma